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Title Category Topics Created Updated
Finding Didgeridoo music didgeridoo 2024-05-19
Why is “resulting” so hard to avoid? personal growth decisions 2024-05-12
On the labeling of anxiety thoughts mindfulness anxiety 2024-05-10
The upside of guaranteed failure mindfulness perspective 2024-05-07
Shit Happens mindfulness perspective 2024-04-28
Is positivity a choice? mindfulness perspective 2024-03-28
Does meditation have a goal? mindfulness meditation 2024-03-16
On wasting time mindfulness perspective 2024-03-08
The value of unexplaining our feelings personal growth perspective 2024-02-24
A cure for regret personal growth perspective 2024-02-18
The most ubiquitous occurrence personal growth perspective 2024-02-18
On not getting what we want mindfulness perspective 2024-02-02
Plunge-diving toward calm mindfulness meditation 2024-01-25
Nipping A Bad Mood In The Bud mindfulness perspective 2024-01-12
On The Convenience Of Doubt mindfulness perspective 2024-01-09
Mastering The Unreach mindfulness habits 2024-01-08
Replace Procrastination With Doing Nothing mindfulness productivity 2024-01-08
Ego versus Outcome mindfulness productivity 2024-01-05
On Cyclicity mindfulness perspective 2023-12-27
The Two Doors mindfulness perspective 2023-12-18
The Secret of Meditation and Life mindfulness meditation, perspective 2023-12-13
On Coveting Doneness mindfulness productivity 2023-12-10
What I learned from a hole in my shirt mindfulness perspective 2023-12-02
The time of my life mindfulness stress, perspective 2023-11-30
How to overcome writer’s block writing perspective, productivity 2023-11-19
The alcohol tax mindfulness alcohol, habits 2023-11-18
The importance of alcohol mindfulness alcohol, habits 2023-11-11
Is Writing A Good Deal? writing perspective 2023-11-02
Comparing Alcohol To What? mindfulness alcohol, habits 2023-10-27
On hidden sources of fitness personal growth 2023-10-27
On Balancing Foresight With Presence mindfulness perspective 2023-10-22
On Being Reckless To Escape Fear mindfulness perspective 2023-10-14
The Value Of Mode Awareness mindfulness productivity 2023-10-08
The Virtue of Not Looking For Meaning mindfulness meditation, perspective 2023-10-01
The Fourth Lesson From Investing mindfulness investing 2023-09-26
On Being Overtired mindfulness mood 2023-09-24
On Purchasing A Nasal Decongestant personal story 2023-09-23
Three Life Lessons From Investing mindfulness investing 2023-09-23
Overcoming The Three Obstacles To Fulfillment mindfulness perspective 2023-09-15
On caring what other people think of us mindfulness relationships 2023-09-14
The value of uncovering timeless intentions behind everyday actions mindfulness perspective 2023-09-14 2023-11-10
Stage Fright: Tip #1 mindfulness performance, anxiety 2023-09-09
Crappy Breaks mindfulness productivity, habits 2023-09-07
Social Anxiety and Mindfulness mindfulness relationships, anxiety 2023-08-30
I need a vacation meditation 2023-08-28
Mindfulness Exercise: Resolution Blitz mindfulness perspective 2023-08-28
Needing What I Didn't Find personal story 2023-08-18
The Algorithm is a Mirror of the Mind leaving facebook, meditation, social media 2023-08-16
All About Entropy life, personal growth 2023-08-14
Depersonalizing the inability to meditate meditation 2023-08-09
Why aren't I feeling that great? personal growth 2023-08-07
On getting what we want life, personal growth 2023-08-06
Why the feedback that reaches you does personal growth 2023-08-03
Interruptible Meditation meditation 2023-07-18
A radical mission of presence meditation, personal growth 2023-07-17
Reconsidering Boredom meditation, personal growth 2023-07-02
How to be less frustrated by a Very Frustrating Thing personal growth 2023-07-01
A good banjo month banjo, music 2023-06-30
New Release: Calefaction music 2023-06-30
On Setting Expectations meditation, personal growth 2023-06-25
On receiving a compliment meditation, personal growth 2023-06-04
What I learned from my lowest moment personal growth 2023-06-01
A Snail's Path personal growth, photography 2023-05-30
Choosing Loss leaving facebook, personal growth 2023-05-27
Saved by intention personal growth 2023-05-26
What is altruism and what should it be? personal growth, society 2023-05-22
To be useful personal growth 2023-05-20
What are we shipping? food, society 2023-05-20
Are you lucky when you take a deep breath? meditation, personal growth 2023-05-18
Life is not a project meditation, personal growth 2023-05-18
Reconsidering Background Noise improvisation, meditation, music 2023-05-18
10 reasons to quit our phones mindfulness technology, habits 2023-05-14
Is AI creative? ai 2023-05-13
On Fear personal growth 2023-05-12
Self-compassion is hard, and that's not your fault! meditation, personal growth 2023-05-09
Inner Luck meditation, personal growth 2023-05-05
How to concentrate on a task you hate meditation, personal growth 2023-04-30
How to enjoy meditation meditation 2023-04-30
The Insult of AI Creativity ai, criticism, society 2023-04-18
Is optimism better blind or guarded? personal growth perspective 2023-04-17
Don't focus on the outcome, focus on the income mindfulness perspective 2023-04-16
Sustainable Optimism mindfulness perspective 2023-04-13
How to conquer negativity mindfulness perspective, meditation 2023-04-12
Freedom of memory meditation, personal growth 2023-04-10
Productivity through appreciation personal growth 2023-04-07
The paradox of desire personal growth 2023-04-06
Don't regret, reroute! personal growth 2023-03-31
Evidence of effort criticism, language, society 2023-03-22
Practicing Finding Meaning personal growth 2023-03-20
What could be more important than this? meditation 2023-03-19
The Critic vs. The Advocate criticism, music, personal growth 2023-03-09
Meditation and Stimulation meditation, personal growth 2023-03-04
Baubles: The Journey of a Tune music 2023-03-02
The Allure of the Ouroboros visual design 2023-02-28
An Experiment in Engagement creativity, music, personal growth, visual design 2023-02-26
The Garden and the Cosmos art 2023-02-23
The Peril Of Pairwise Comparison personal growth 2023-02-22
Virtue: Backdoor to Attachment personal growth 2023-02-20
Gainful Dualities personal growth 2023-02-16
Magic Mirror art 2023-02-16
Meditation, Web Browsing, and Optimism meditation, personal growth 2023-02-15
Trivial vs. Deep life, personal growth 2023-02-11
How to feel better about mind-wandering during meditation: Part II meditation, personal growth 2023-02-10
The Connection Framework personal growth 2023-01-31
Photographic Resonances photography, seasons 2023-01-27
Meditation is physical meditation, personal growth 2023-01-23
Advice for a flow junkie personal growth 2023-01-20
On Breath meditation, personal growth 2023-01-18
On Stillness meditation, personal growth 2023-01-16
On Disappointment personal growth 2023-01-12
When deep breathing doesn't work meditation, personal growth 2023-01-11
How to feel better about mind-wandering during meditation meditation, personal growth 2023-01-09
Meteorite Impact music, visual design 2023-01-07
The Cost Of Imagination personal growth 2023-01-07
When to rest and when to keep going personal growth 2023-01-07
A Trick for Being In the Moment By Choosing What To Look Forward To personal growth 2022-12-31
5 Questions To Improve Any Situation personal growth 2022-12-30
First Music From A New Guitar music guitar 2022-12-22
What if I valued health above all else? personal growth 2022-12-18
When meditation feels irresponsible mindfulness meditation 2022-12-02
On Keeping Gratitude personal growth perspective 2022-11-30
Declutter like an investor personal growth decluttering 2022-11-18
What is procrastination? personal growth productivity 2022-11-17
Visual Sentences photography 2022-07-29
Photo Pairing photography 2022-07-17
Album Update music 2022-06-11
A month of essays personal growth 2022-06-07
Show And Tell: Tiger's Eye music 2022-06-07
Song: Drifting At Sea music, songwriting 2022-06-07
Endfulness music improvisation 2022-05-18
May Update life 2022-05-06
How To Improvise With A Detuned String music guitar 2022-03-11
Beauty is an experience, not a thing criticism 2022-03-07
What can I learn about myself from a video? personal growth 2022-03-06
Social Media and Me: An Update social media 2022-03-04
Help me spend $1000 on independent musicians music 2022-02-25
How to organize the tracks in your album creativity, music 2022-02-13
Why would you seek an audience? creativity, personal growth 2022-02-07
Music and Pleasure music 2022-01-29
Why did the swan cross the bridge? photography 2022-01-29
Show And Tell: Tin music 2022-01-25
Nonstandard Contrapuntal Imitation music canons 2022-01-11
Canon #94, Cinnabar music canons 2022-01-07
Reordering Canon music canons 2022-01-04
10 Keys to Finishing personal growth productivity 2021-10-25
Finishing Stuff personal growth productivity 2021-10-19
Canon #4, Topaz - Revised music canons 2021-10-11
Gospel Gifts music 2021-09-29
Canon #93, Meteorite music canons 2021-09-17
To dot or not to dot? music 2021-08-20
Canon #92, Ammolite music canons 2021-08-08
Falatfel food 2021-04-18
Canon #18, Petrified Wood -- Revised music canons 2021-04-07
Canon #22, Abalone -- Revised music canons 2021-03-31
Canon #91, Birdsong music canons 2021-03-03
POST NO BILLS diversions, signs-and-ads 2021-01-22
Thank You, 2020! life 2021-01-05
Canon #90, Thorite music canons 2020-12-06
Canon #89, Thulite music canons 2020-11-04
Fall 2020 photography, seasons 2020-10-23
On Writing writing 2020-10-02
Polarization society 2020-09-27
Don't lead with lies, even quoted ones language, society 2020-08-28
Only Twelve Notes music 2020-08-12
Food Shopping food 2020-08-03
Heavenly Toast food 2020-07-26
Belief society 2020-07-25
7th Chord Voicings guitar, music 2020-07-24
Canon #88, Carminite music canons 2020-06-15
Canon #87, Barite music canons 2020-05-29
Canon #86, Tiger’s Eye music canons 2020-05-15
Canon #85, Tin music canons 2020-05-03
Rip, Slam, Blast writing 2020-05-03
Canon #84, Chalk music canons 2020-04-18
Canon #83, Fulgurite music canons 2020-04-08
Practicing Optimism life, personal growth 2020-03-27
March 22, 2020 journal 2020-03-23
March 14, 2020 journal 2020-03-15
March 15, 2020 journal 2020-03-15
Stalling Coronavirus life, society 2020-03-11
Exodus Complete leaving facebook 2020-01-13
Free Will criticism 2020-01-13
Art and Weed criticism 2020-01-10
2020 Resolution: Coin Flips life, personal growth 2020-01-08
Writing Songs Backwards songwriting 2020-01-04
Exodus Almost Complete leaving facebook 2019-12-18
Farewell, Facebook leaving facebook 2019-12-12
Old Beer Labels personal growth decluttering 2019-07-05
Jul 2 Fireworks photography 2019-07-03
Canons 81 and 82 music canons 2019-05-11
Random Fireworks photography 2019-05-08
Canon 80, Mellite music canons 2019-04-05
Canon #79, Diaspore music canons 2019-03-24
Canon #78, Verdite music canons 2019-03-12
Canons #76 and #77 music canons 2019-03-08
Canon #75, Larimar music canons 2019-02-23
Climate Disease earth 2019-02-12
Facebook Miscellany leaving facebook facebook 2019-01-29
For Bloggers: How To Leave Facebook leaving facebook blogging 2019-01-29
Music Posts From Facebook music facebook 2019-01-29
Fireworks photography facebook 2019-01-24
Refund! earth facebook 2019-01-24
First Post leaving facebook facebook 2019-01-22
Window Insulation earth, leaving facebook facebook 2019-01-21
Leaving Facebook leaving facebook 2019-01-18
Winter 2019 photography seasons 2019-01-16
Boston Flooding, 2018 earth, photography facebook 2019-01-15
How are you? mindfulness perspective, stress 2019-01-12 2023-11-27
Checking News mindfulness habits 2019-01-05 2023-11-28
15 Days, 15 Photos photography facebook 2019-01-01
2019 Resolution: Leave Facebook leaving facebook 2019-01-01
Silent Night music, voice 2018-12-23
177 Huntington Ave. photography 2018-12-18
Phrasing Exercise: Anticipation music 2018-12-17
Wild Mountain Thyme music guitar 2018-12-17
The Myth of the Guarded Facebook User leaving facebook 2018-12-03
No Art Beyond This Point photography, signs-and-ads 2018-11-30
Album Release: Canons on Clavichord music canons 2018-11-12
My Spider earth, photography 2018-10-31
Template For A Belief System visual design 2018-09-18
Confirmation Number diversions 2018-08-29
Butterfly photography 2018-08-28
Dragonfly photography 2018-08-21
Writing a Tabla Concerto music 2018-08-18
Making Music With Machines - Part 1 music 2018-08-09
Moon photography 2018-07-02
Gulls photography 2018-04-16
Arrangements for Electric Guitar music guitar 2018-04-15
Once again, it's not April Fools' Day diversions 2018-04-02
Assumption Statue photography 2018-03-18
DO NOT STAND ON THE SEESAW signs-and-ads facebook 2018-02-20
Mapping the Fretboard music guitar 2018-02-07
Salient Color photography 2018-02-07
Withdrawing a Photographic Guarantee photography 2018-02-05
Fretboard Insights From Another Look at CAGED music guitar 2018-02-03
Fall 2017 photography, seasons facebook 2017-10-28
This Space Intentionally Left Blank diversions 2017-09-17
A fork in the road diversions facebook 2017-09-04
Total Éclair diversions 2017-08-21
Summer 2017 photography facebook, seasons 2017-07-28
Interval Compression music canons 2017-07-23
Dramatic vs. Deadpan Style in Songwriting music, songwriting 2017-06-04
Close Listening music 2017-06-03
Some Listening Tips for Canon Newcomers music 2017-05-15
Counterpoint as conversation music 2017-05-14
Album Cover III visual design 2017-04-25
Fountain earth facebook 2017-04-16
CDs were music technology 2017-04-09
Canon Q & A music 2017-04-01
Canons: liner notes music 2017-04-01
It's really not April Fool's Day diversions 2017-04-01
Why Harpsichord? music 2017-04-01
Gamelan music canons 2017-03-30
Condos photography, places 2017-03-28
Audio Mastering music facebook 2017-03-16
Storefront Apparitions photography 2017-03-13
Searching for "X" music 2017-03-06
Making a CD visual design facebook 2017-03-01
Album Cover II visual design 2017-02-23
Album Cover music, visual design 2017-01-25
Escher's Drum -- Debut music 2016-11-29
Crossings music 2016-10-31
The Great Online Migration earth 2016-10-29
Fall 2016 photography, seasons facebook 2016-10-12
Fact Checking society facebook 2016-09-18
Shampoo In Bar Form earth facebook 2016-09-07
Polyrhythmic Etudes In Canon Form music canons 2016-08-30
Why Counterpoint? music 2016-07-25
Parallel Octaves music canons 2016-07-23
Interview with composer Richard Atkinson music 2016-06-21
Dhrupad Concerts With Pandit Nirmalya Dey and Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma music facebook 2016-06-16
Contrary Motion music canons 2016-05-26
Addition visual design 2016-05-22
Canon #46 debut music 2016-05-20
Escher's Drum: Updated music 2016-05-17
Todi music, voice 2016-02-01
Brewer Fountain photography 2016-01-23
Fire Escape photography 2016-01-22
Bridge photography 2016-01-21
Hope Is The Thing With Feathers II music, voice 2016-01-21
Photographic Constraints photography 2016-01-20
Hope Is The Thing With Feathers music, voice 2016-01-19
Tanpura Tuning music tuning, tanpura 2016-01-13
Puriya music, voice 2016-01-08
Christmas Canon music 2015-12-24
Uncommon Drones music 2015-12-24
Purvi music, voice 2015-11-25
Who robbed the woods? earth, music, voice 2015-11-25
Bhairav music, voice 2015-11-20
Malkauns music, voice 2015-11-14
Halloween Costumes at Yale and Beyond life 2015-11-11
Halloween Costumes society facebook 2015-11-10
Two Dickinson Songs music, voice 2015-10-24
Cecil animal-rights facebook 2015-07-28
Estudio #1 para Guitarra music guitar 2015-07-03
Cheryl's Birthday: The math question from Singapore math 2015-04-15
It's not April Fools' Day nonsense 2015-04-01
Crab Canon music canons 2015-03-16
Fifteen Beats music 2015-02-03
Escher's Drum music 2015-01-24
Rhythmic Tiling Canons music canons 2015-01-21
Hampson Masterclass music, voice 2015-01-19
On Becoming a Composer music 2015-01-16
Steam photography 2015-01-14
Carol Colors music 2014-11-26
Metalwork in the shipyard photography 2014-08-07
Alap Practice music, voice 2014-08-01
Yaman Kalyan music, voice 2014-07-14
Overconfidence criticism 2014-05-23
Overtone Scale II music tuning 2014-05-20
Marwa music, voice 2014-05-07
Whither Must I Wander? music, voice 2014-04-26
Musical Technique As Bias Busting music 2014-03-13
The Mantra Technique music 2014-03-06
Climate Message earth, music 2014-02-28
Tonnetz music tuning 2014-02-17
Slow Tapping music 2014-02-11
Strategy Reporting criticism 2014-02-11
Alien Landing animal-rights 2014-02-01
Overtone Scale? music tuning 2014-01-30
A little meta-criticism criticism 2014-01-26
Major 3rds Fretboard Layout music guitar 2014-01-15
Thoughts on Practice music voice, practice 2014-01-12
M3 Tuning For Guitar: A First Look music guitar 2014-01-11
Diesis III music tuning 2014-01-04
Mathieu's Virtual Return music tuning 2014-01-01
Kleisma music tuning 2013-12-30
Syntonic Comma II music tuning 2013-12-29
Diesis II music tuning 2013-12-28
Librarian or Farmer? books 2013-12-28
Schisma music tuning 2013-12-23
Pythagorean Comma II music tuning 2013-12-22
Note Derivations In Just Intonation music tuning 2013-12-21
Diaschisma music tuning 2013-12-17
Diesis music tuning 2013-12-14
Syntonic Comma music tuning 2013-12-14
Pythagorean Comma music tuning 2013-12-11
Footwear signs-and-ads 2013-11-22
Prehearing music, voice 2013-11-14
Vocal Experiment: Neck Tension music, voice 2013-10-16
It Doesn't Look Like A Photo photography 2013-09-25
Booth Sign photography, visual design 2013-09-21
HarborArts Festival 2013 photography 2013-09-21
String Buzzing Exercise For Left Hand Pressure music guitar 2013-09-10
Ergonomic Innovation diversions 2013-09-06
Photography In Process photography 2013-09-03
24 Ways To Embrace Slaughter (A Parody) animal-rights 2013-08-14
The Emperor Experiment language 2013-07-30
PLOWS USE CAUTION diversions, language 2013-07-01
Necklace Counting (draft) math, music 2013-06-09
Microtonal Notation and Playback In Finale music tuning 2013-05-14
Twelve Glyph Challenge music, visual design 2013-05-02
Jam Session -- 3/18/2013 music, photography 2013-03-19
cantu a tenore newsflash music 2013-03-16
Janya Ragas: 34,776 or 26,864? music 2013-03-16
A Musical Meditation music 2013-03-01
Melodic Minor Pentatonic music 2013-03-01
Pentatonics Without Semitones music 2013-02-17
Venn Circle Of Fifths music 2013-02-17
Scales Without Consecutive Semitones music 2013-02-10
The Nineteen Trichords music 2013-02-04
Star of David music 2013-02-01
Chord Type music 2013-01-29
Counting the 19 Trichords music 2013-01-29
Musical Clocks music 2013-01-28
Note Collapse music 2013-01-28
Note Neighborhoods II music guitar 2013-01-28
Genesis Of Grammar writing 2013-01-21
Fingerings Derived music guitar 2013-01-19
Fourths vs. Standard Tuning music guitar 2013-01-19
Guitar Modes Unified music guitar 2013-01-19
Assertion Failed life 2013-01-17
Note Neighborhoods music guitar 2013-01-14
Charukeshi-Gopriya music 2013-01-13
Gettysburg language 2013-01-12
Photo 54 photography 2013-01-11
Swearing Prohibited visual design 2013-01-11
Do Not Donut nonsense 2013-01-09
Punctuation and Self-Reference language 2013-01-08
Whatever Mark diversions 2013-01-08
Daisy Wheel visual design 2013-01-07
DO NOT DUPLICATE nonsense 2013-01-07
Erratum diversions 2013-01-07
púnjà vu language 2013-01-06
sic language 2013-01-06
Framing 55 photography 2013-01-05
Irony Test diversions, language 2013-01-05
Italics Mine diversions 2013-01-04
Spirit of Compromise language 2012-12-29
Welcome Plaque diversions 2012-12-26
Fresh Content language 2012-12-19
Pictorial Matter visual design 2012-12-18
Wrestling Words visual design 2012-12-17
Improvisation: Reaching Out music 2012-12-09
Turns from Vaccai's Più non si music 2012-12-09
How To Drive In India places 2012-12-04
Imago Video music, photography 2012-10-19
Favorite Animal music 2012-10-13
Where are you at? writing 2012-10-11 2024-02-25
Omit Needless Words? writing style 2012-10-10 2023-12-21
Matorin! Matorin! music 2012-10-09
Organic vs. Conventionally Grown language 2012-10-03
Process Prototyping software 2012-10-03
Intention in Entrepreneurship 2012-10-01