I just returned from the HarborArts Festival in the East Boston Shipyard.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth!  For those who weren’t there, this is what my setup looked like:

Rudi At HarborArts 2013

In the back of the photo you might notice there’s some rope tying the tent pole to the fence.  The rope (and accompanying duct tape) was an improvised solution to prevent the tent from doing a second round of cartwheels down the dock.  It was a windy day, but beautiful.

One fun moment was when this couple offered some spontaneous feedback on their favorite photo.  They each said “I like this one” at the same time, but they had different images in mind and pointed to opposite ends of the table.  I asked if they’d recreate the scene for this snapshot, and they kindly obliged:

Visitors at HarborArts Festival 2013

To everyone who stopped by today, it was a pleasure to share my work with you.  If you haven’t told me already, please let me know which image caught your eye.

Rudi at HarborArts 2013

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