Hi, I’m Rudi Seitz, nice to meet you.

I’m a composer planning to release a new album this Spring 2022. My pieces are in a format called “canon” and are played by my collaborator on a keyboard instrument called the clavichord. Whether you know about these things already or not, I’d love to share the music with you — along with my process of creating it and finding an audience for it — in a way that might interest you.

I’m also a guitarist, a fledgling songwriter, an admirer and sometime student of Indian classical music, and a singer who learned to sing in his thirties.

I’m also a photographer and a blogger/essayist. I’m good at software engineering and that’s how I earn my living.

I was born in New York City in the mid 1970s and I live in East Boston, MA where I’m on the board of an urban farm called Eastie Farm.

I attended Stuyvestant High School in New York and went to college at Yale where I earned a BS/MS in Computer Science in 1998. From there I, entered a PhD program in theoretical computer science at MIT, did two years of graduate work, and decided to leave.

I’ve learned from some significant failures, including writing a novel and launching an Internet startup, a social-networking tool called Whimwords.

I am also the creator of a word game site called Quadrivial Quandary which is dormant and awaiting a revival.

There’s lots more to say — that’s why I write this blog.

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