Are you on a creative journey? If so, we have lots to talk about.

For me, the creative frontier includes music, words, images, and bits: my identities include musician, writer, photographer, and technologist.

I’m a composer.  I hope you’ll listen to some of my compositions posted here including my canon album, my carol album, my songs for baritone and piano, as well as my improvisations on guitar, my practice in Dhrupad-style vocal alap, and my posts on musical topics.

I’m also a software developer who loves working with early-stage startups, as well as non-profits with a focus on education, environment, and social justice.

A while ago I participated in a seminar where I was asked to distill my personal intentions — the ways I hope to help other people through my work — in terms that were abstract but still precise.  This is what I came up with:

I intend to help people awaken to wonder

I intend to help people think differently

I intend to help people feel understood

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