Here’s a 5-minute video about my photography. It’s a good way to start exploring my work. This video was produced by Dan Koff of New Relic Media and it includes a section where I flip through the first book of my portfolio.

Here’s a 32-minute video documenting Imago, my 45-piece installation at Cambridge Innovation Center (2011-12). In this footage, you’ll get a closer look at the photographs from Book I.

And here’s a 4-minute video where I flip through Book II of my portfolio.

I have an earlier collection of mobile phone photography that I’d be happy to show upon request, and Book II has expanded considerably since the video was taken.

Some people ask why I don’t often put digital copies of my images online.  I consider framed prints (not digital images) as the finished product — the consummation of the creative process.  Much of my work is about stopping and looking closer, and that message is easily drowned out online, where we’re barraged with images and temptations to click from one thing to the next.  So I post videos of my work, as well as photos of my framed prints, but I don’t often post the raw images themselves.

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