Has something in my portfolio caught your eye?  I’d love to help you bring the image into your own space.

To order a piece, write to me at rudi@rudiseitz.com or use the form below.  Let me know where you saw the piece (in a show or art fair, in someone’s home or office, in a video, in a snapshot on this site) and if possible, provide a brief description so I can identify it.  If you’d like a full catalog of my work, I will send one upon request.

I believe that when you find an image you love, you should go after it — that’s what I do as a photographer, and what I encourage you to do as a viewer interested in my work.

As of 2013, framed prints are $300 a piece.  Considering all that goes into producing a finished piece, I think that’s a good deal.  However, I don’t want price to ever be an obstacle that stops an interested viewer from enjoying my work.  If you’re in love with an image but aren’t sure you have room in your budget for a new photograph, please contact me and ask about my sliding-scale pricing option.

All pieces come in a 1-foot square frame (black aluminum inset) with a white mat; the image itself is 8 inches square. All pieces are signed and numbered, both on the back of the print and the back of the frame.  I do the printing and framing myself, using high-quality materials that I select (feel free to ask me for further details).

I don’t sell unframed prints, and I don’t sell digital copies of my work. I do welcome inquires regarding sets of framed prints, and larger sizes.

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