Logo In Progress

The logos on this page show my attempts to design a custom interrobang to match the look of my favorite typewriter font. A big thanks to Volker Busse of F22 for making the wonderful Daisy Wheel available. Scroll past the logos for a description of why I use the interrobang in my personal logo in the first place. I will soon post an extended version of that argument as well as a description of what drew me to Daisy Wheel.

The process of designing a new character to match an existing font is fascinating and frustrating, because the questions of “what looks best on its own” and “what looks best among other characters” don’t always lead to the same answer. For my logo, I need an interrobang that works well with the letters of my name, and my current preference is #2 below. If you have an opinion on which works best, please let me know!

Version 1: Using original period (.) from font; upper terminal of question mark extending well below the upper terminal of the S.


Version 2: (After comment from A.I.)  Replaces period (.) with dot from original ? in font.  Adjust upper terminal of question mark to match upper terminal of S.


Version 3: (After comment from A.I.) Same as Version 2, but use an even smaller dot, taken from the i.


Version 4: Rework of Version 2 above, using inverted S (with no modifications) for the question mark instead of the more customized shape in version 2.


Version 5: Combines the long terminal of the ? from Version 1 with the medium-sized dot from version 2.



A quick note on why I use the interrobang in my personal logo.  Some people see the symbol and wonder, “What does it mean‽  You’re trying to convey what‽” Ah, that’s all part of the plan.

First of all it’s a teaser, and I want you to ask me what I mean by it, because talking about the interrobang gives me a chance to share more of the things I’m interested in.  Right now, I’m in the process of writing up an account of the humor that I find in the symbol. Yes, it’s the one punctuation mark that can, when I’m in the right mood, drive me into a fit of laughter—and I think the reasons behind its humor are interesting.

But on a more serious note, I think the fusion of ? and ! represents what we’re all doing whenever we put our name out there, on a business card, in a logo, etc. When we write our name in public, we’re declaring who we are—that’s where the exclamation mark comes in. And we’re also trying to build interest in who we are—we’re hoping that our audience will ask questions about us so they can know us better.  That’s where the question mark comes in.  So, as I see it, the interrobang is a super-compact summary of everything one is trying to accomplish in a logo (often without coming out and saying).

And for me, the process of designing my logo and deciding to use the interrobang was a process of asking “Who am I?” and then declaring it, with the one symbol that can express (self)questioning and (self)declaration at once.

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