Canons on Clavichord

This is a quick note to announce phase II of the canon project I’ve been working on with keyboardist Matthew McConnell.  Following the release of our album Canons, which was performed on harpsichord, we are beginning a work on recording a second set of canons for clavichord. I look forward to keeping listeners up-to-date on this exciting second phase of the project. One of the first pieces we’ve recorded is the canon “Celestine” which I wrote about in my post on Parallel Octaves. I’ve added Matt’s clavichord performance of Celestine to the end of our first album as a teaser, and you can listen to it below. Please help us continue with this recording project. The best way to support us is to download our first release of Canons and/or share the link with someone who might be interested.

3 thoughts on “Canons on Clavichord

  1. I like this idea a lot! I actually play with some students from the Prep School at NEC and I think it would be really interesting to arrange a few of these for small ensembles. Is it possible to buy the score somewhere?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lee. I do plan to publish the scores eventually, but they’re not yet publicly available and it could take a while. If there’s a specific piece you’d like to work with, please email me and I’ll send you the score privately as a PDF. I love the idea of arranging some of these pieces for small ensemble!

      1. I would have to have the players in question listen to the various canons and decide which ones they like best.

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