Brewer Fountain

Massachusetts State House at night, seen from a vantage point inside the Brewer Fountain, a Boston landmark, which — I was surprised to learn — is one of sixteen copies of a piece by Michel Joseph Napoléon Liénard situated around the world. Liverpool has one and so does Tacna, Peru; there’s one Geneva and also one in Launceston, Australia. I had to climb into the fountain last night to take this shot — luckily the water wasn’t running. I believe the Greek sea-nymph depicted here, one of the fountain’s four main figures, is Galatea.


This second image shows Neptune, God of the Sea:


One reason why these shots were possible is that the Brewer Fountain is illuminated so dramatically at night.  Turns out I have an indirect connection to the person who designed the lighting for the recently restored fountain — he’s the father of my friend Robin.

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